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[3 months ago] Polar Freeze Wrap


Waiting for my yarn to come but wanted to start this beautiful wrap right away. I added a row 7 and 8, repeating rows 3 and 4, to box pattern. Otherwise, you are working dark color on dark color row. Love this pattern, can’t wait to do it in painted yarns.

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[10 months ago] Bug Garden Throw

[1 year ago] BuggieHop Humulus

[2 years ago] ANOTHER Finnish Midwinter Ski Hat

[2 years ago] Bug's Evelyn Hat

[2 years ago] Compound Throw

100% Superfine Alpaca. Yum.

[2 years ago] Daylight Night Shift

[2 years ago] Dearheart

[3 years ago] Rocky Mountain Wrap

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[5 years ago] Bugs

Stash buster. A few screw ups… like life that way. :)

[5 years ago] Hope